Wednesday 23 October

Árpád Mutsy

Chief Executive Officer

Bio-Fungi. Hungary

Dr. Michael Wolfin

Assistant Research Professor for Entomology

Penn State University. USA

Dr. Aniça Amini

European Research Manager

Sylvan Inc. France

Stéphane Doutriaux

Co-Founder & CEO

MycoSense. Switzerland

Sean O'Connor

Chief Executive Officer

4AG Robotics. Canada

Dr. Eoghan Corbett

Research Officer

Teagasc. Ireland

Benjamin Picton

Senior Macro Strategist

Rabo Bank. Austraila & New Zealand

Raymond Samp


Agari Culture Mushroom Consulting Services

Thursday 24th October, 2024

Andrew Francey

General Manager, Industry Services & Delivery

Hort Innovation

Dumisani Mhlanga

Industry Services & Delivery Manager

Hort Innovation

Wendy Hubbard

Consumer Insights Manager

Hort Innovation

Monique Emmi

Australian Mushrooms Marketing Manager

Hort Innovation

Umberto Calvo

Agricultural Scientist

Applied Horticultural Research

Dr. Michael Kertesz

Associate Professor for Soil Microbiology

University of Sydney

Dr. Warwick Gill

Pest & Disease Expert

University of Tasmania

Judy Allan

Australian Mushroom Expert

Mushroom Pest & Disease Research Services

Dr. Aimee McKinnon

Research Scientist

Agriculture Victora

Jeff Vickers

Technical Director


Leah Bramich

Chief Executive Officer

Australian Mushroom Growers Association

Patrick McClelland

Managing Partner

Porter Novelli

Lydia Bilton

Senior Consultant

Porter Novelli

Dr. Carelen Stark

Senior Nutrition and Research Scientist

FOODiQ Global



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