Stéphane Doutriaux

Co-Founder & CEO

Mycosense  |

Stéphane Doutriaux is an accomplished engineer with over 20 years of experience in developing cutting-edge technologies across various industries. For the past 5 years, Stéphane has specialized in mushroom growing and the innovative technologies that support this sector. His expertise lies in robotics, automation, computer vision, and artificial intelligence, all of which are crucial for advancing industrial mushroom production.

Stéphane’s journey into the mushroom industry began serendipitously through a research project funded by Swiss mushroom growers and the Swiss government. This project aimed to create a robotic gripper for mushroom harvesting, a venture that sparked his interest and revealed the unique challenges and opportunities within the field.

As the CEO of MycoSense for the past 4 years, Stéphane has spearheaded the development of technologies designed to improve mushroom yields and enhance worker productivity. MycoSense has collaborated closely with several mushroom growers to create innovative solutions, including the Spotlight device, which has significantly impacted mushroom harvesting efficiency.

Before his foray into the mushroom industry, Stéphane spent over 15 years leading engineering teams in developing software and machines for diverse sectors. His broad experience and leadership skills have been instrumental in driving technological advancements in mushroom farming.

Stéphane’s work in the mushroom industry underscores his commitment to leveraging technology to solve real-world problems. His contributions continue to shape the future of mushroom production, making him a key figure in the field of agricultural technology.

PRESENTATION: Can simple technology help boost picker performance?

Many growers are facing significant challenges as experienced pickers become increasingly difficult to find, hire, and retain. The industry grapples with the dilemma of whether to rebuild farms using new infrastructures or continue with existing methods. Concurrently, societal changes have made long-term picker employment virtually impossible. How are growers coping with these issues? Can technology offer immediate solutions to the industry?

In my presentation, I will share insights from my experiences over the past 5 years of analysing these problems and exploring how software, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and automation may hold the keys to the industry’s next 20 years of prosperous growth.