The qualifications for membership of the AMGA

AMGA Members can be

  • Involved in the commercial cultivation of mushrooms or other edible fungi; or
  • Suppliers of spawn used in the commercial cultivation of mushrooms or other edible fungi and who pay the voluntary levy to the Company; or
  • Producers of mushroom substrate who sell their product for the commercial cultivation of mushrooms or other edible fungi.

Membership categories also include Retired Producer Members and Life Honorary Members as outlined below:

  • Retired Producer Members shall be any Member who has ceased to hold the qualifications which would under this Constitution entitle them to be a Member, and who is approved and admitted to membership by the Board as a Retired Producer Member.
  • Life Honorary Members shall be persons who are regarded as worthy of recognition by reason of their outstanding and meritorious services to the Company and its Objects.

Application for Membership

To be admitted to as an AMGA Member:

  • Applicants for membership shall be proposed and seconded by Members. Every nomination shall be made in writing and shall give the full name and address of the candidate and the names of the candidate’s proposer and seconder, and shall be in such form as the Board shall from time to time require.
  • The Board shall consider applications for membership at a board and advised accordingly.
  • When an application for membership has been approved, the relevant details shall be entered in the Register of Members.