Umberto Calvo

Agricultural Scientist

Applied Horticultural Research

Umberto graduated in 2018 from the Università di Torino, Italy, in agricultural science and technology. He then worked in Precision Viticulture in Spanish wine regions. He is interested in Precision and data-driven Agriculture and Horticulture, especially melons and mushrooms. He has worked with mushrooms since joining the Applied Horticultural Research team and currently manages the Marsh Lawson Mushroom Research Centre. Recent trials have included irrigation methods, nitrogen supplementation, disease management, substrates and casing.

Umberto is relatively new to mushrooms, but passionate about the industry, working at the MLMRC and exploring innovations in mushroom cultivation and biology. He has been trained by commercial mushroom growers and has taken part in industry training courses and workshops. He is keen to follow recent advances in mushroom research and meet international experts at the AMGA conference in Auckland.

Update on the MU21004 project – Marsh Lawson Mushroom Research Centre

The presentation will be an update on the project, the Research Centre itself and the trials currently being run at the MLMRC.