Sean O’Connor

Chief Executive Officer

4AG Robotics  |

Sean O’Connor is the CEO of 4AG Robotics. 4AG Robotics builds robots that harvest mushrooms.
Prior to joining 4AG Robotics, Sean O’Connor was the Managing Director for Conexus Venture Capital Inc. & Emmertech. Before Conexus, Sean was on the leadership team of a Canadian fintech, Grow Technologies Inc. (acquired by ATB). He graduated with a degree in Finance and International Business from McGill University.

Sean has sat on the board of over a dozen companies, including companies in technology, Agtech, hospitality, and non-profits.

Robots Picking Mushrooms

Sean will give an overview of the trials and tribulations that 4AG Robotics has experienced in trying to build a fully automated mushroom harvesting solution. Through this presentation he will provide an overview of why so many robotics companies have tried & failed to automate mushroom harvesting, some of the key learnings from 4AG Robotics over the past 5 years, and his view on the future of mushroom farming with robots.