Raymond Samp


Agari Culture Mushroom Consulting Services

Chicago native Ray Samp, is a 48-year veteran of the mushroom industry. His professional career started with a fortuitous Master’s Degree in Microbiology and teaching sciences in secondary school for 2 years. Then in 1976, he was recruited by Ralston Purina and hired by Virgil Jurgensmeyer into the mushroom industry.

The first 16 years of his career he was a grower and then managed growing operations in 7 different farms in various parts of the United States and Britain. His experience in these operations included all phases of growing operations including everything from raw material procurement and composting to growing, harvesting, and final cook-out. His experience in Britain was mainly with bulk composting/compost processing and shelf growing systems.

All this varied and diverse background set him up to form Agari-Culture Consulting Services in 1992 to provide global mushroom farm consultations and advisory services. In the 32 years since, he has worked with all types of cultural systems from bulk/shelf farms to beds, trays, and bags with all types of raw materials and climactic conditions. Consulting travels has taken Ray to mushroom farms on 6 continents and over 17 countries. Additionally, Ray has published over 100 Agaricus-mushroom related articles and has spoken at over 30 conferences/seminars.

Beyond his mushroom career Ray and his wife Pam have seen their 2 sons graduate from university and go on to their own careers. Ray and Pam continue to travel the world and enjoy other aspects of life. Their interests include such pastimes as music, the outdoors, food, sports (pickleball), and just enjoying their adopted home of Central Texas.

The Art of Pinsetting, Staggering and First Break Timing.

Ray’s abstract is coming soon.